Roger Federer: 'That’s the ironic part'

Roger Federer: ‘That’s the ironic part’

Billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, congratulated Roger Federer after the Swiss maestro finished his run at Laver Cup 2022. “Congratulations on a phenomenal run, Roger Federer,” Bill Gates said on Instagram.

Roger Federer shared Bill’s message on his Instagram Stories. Bill Gates called Roger Federer “an inspiration” and wished him well in his next chapter. Gates, an admirer of Federer, paid tribute to the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

“You have been an incredible friend to me and an inspiration to a whole generation of tennis players. I’m lucky to have seen you work your magic on the court many times “And I’m excited to see his philanthropic work grow in this next phase of his life,” Gates tweeted.

You have been an incredible friend to me and an inspiration to a whole generation of tennis players. In Cape Town, a crowd of more than 50,000 watched two of the greatest players in history have fun on an orange pitch. Roger Federer and Bill Gates on one side and Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah on the other shared court at the Cape Town Stadium in front of a record crowd.

They had a lot of fun and gave the fans something to cheer ahead of the big event between Federer and Nadal. Roger couldn’t hide his joy and enthusiasm when he played in front of a South African crowd for the first time, hoping to have a wonderful evening and feeling proud to be of South African descent.

Roger Federer is happy

Roger Federer seems to have come to terms with his retirement. He stated that he felt “complete” and happy with the way the curtains came down on his career. “I think I feel complete. I lost my last singles match.

I lost my last doubles match. I lost my voice from screaming and supporting the team. I lost the last time as a team. I lost my job, but I’m very happy. I’m good. I’m really good. That’s the ironic part, is everybody thinks about happy fairy-tale endings, you know? And for me, actually it ended up being that but in a way that I never thought was going to happen,” he said.

Federer said that their rivalry and friendship are proof that players can be both super competitive and have a great relationship. “It showed again how much we mean to one another and how much respect we have. And I just thought it would be just a beautiful, amazing story for us, for sports, for tennis, and maybe beyond that as well, where we can coexist in a tough rivalry and come out on top and show that, hey, again it’s just tennis,” Federer said.

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