Lifelong Eagles fan Alan Leimberg was featured on "Monday Night Football" in a spot produced by his daughter, Audra Leimberg.

Eagles fan’s phone blows up after ‘Monday Night Football’ appearance

During the Eagles’ impressive win over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night FootballESPN gave Alan Leimberg a 15-second spotlight to all his lifelong love of the Birds.

“Yo. When people hear Philly, they think liberty,” Leimberg said as cars on Broad Street whizzed by. “But when we think Philly, we think life. As in living for our team, passing on the gene in every house — parent and child screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘We are lifers for the Eagles!’”

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Following the segment, ESPN announcer Troy Aikman joked that “you can bet all his buddies are calling him right now. His phone’s blowing up.”

Aikman was right.

Leimberg was featured in a weekly spot in which ESPN focuses on a single fan following a commercial break. The idea was the brainchild of Monday Night Football senior associate producer Audra Leimberg, who happens to be his daughter. Naturally, she thought her dad would be the perfect Eagles fan to feature Monday.

“My dad barely answered my text messages [Monday] night because he was getting bombarded by old friends from the neighborhood…old colleagues,” Audra Leimberg, a Burlington County native who has worked as a production assistant at ESPN since 2012, said in a promo piece for ESPN. “He didn’t have time for me!”

She said they shot footage of her father in two Philly locations — the center of Broad Street with a City Hall in the background, and Shunk Street in South Philly, which wasn’t shown on the Monday Night Football broadcast but holds a special meaning for the family, Audra Leimberg said.

“My dad grew up on that crossroad — walking distance to the stadium, on top of his father’s corner grocery store,” she said. “He’s watched them for 71 years and he’d watch them for another 71 years if he could.”

It’s not surprising so many of Alan Leimberg’s friends saw him on TV. The Eagles’ win averaged 12.9 million viewers on ABC, according to ESPN. The second game of the night, which featured the Buffalo Bills blowing out the Tennessee Titans, averaged 7.9 million viewers on ESPN and ESPN2.

Alan Leimberg wasn’t the only Eagles fan featured on ABC Monday night. During Jimmy Kimmel Livesidekick Guillermo introduced some die-hards on the show following the win, including tattooed super fan Rob Dunphy and Shaun Young, better known as the guy who wears shoulder pads to every Eagles game.

“Twenty-five seasons, baby, representing the greatest city and the greatest fanbase in the country, Philadelphia, baby!” Young shouted.

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