Trente Jones (right) is Michigan's new starter at right tackle this season and has given up two sacks.

Will Andrel Anthony see more targets>

It has been getting a little redundant writing about Michigan during the first three weeks of the season and the Wolverines’ pummeling of their nonconference opponents.

There’s been a lot of, yeah, the No. 4 Wolverines lead the nation in scoring, averaging 55.3 points a game but look who they’ve played? And that’s fair and accurate. After all, Colorado State, Hawaii and Connecticut have not offered much opposition. It’s also fair to note the Wolverines dominated teams they were supposed to dominate while emptying the bench and giving playing experience to players who don’t see the field much or at all.

The Big Ten season begins for them Saturday against Maryland at Michigan Stadium, and things should start to get a bit more interesting. Until then, let’s go through some mail.

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