Golf Buddies Hit Consecutive Holes in One on Same Tee Shot, Beating 17 Million to 1 Odds

Golf Buddies Hit Consecutive Holes in One on Same Tee Shot, Beating 17 Million to 1 Odds

Peter John and Jaswant Sidhu – SWNS

Two golfing buddies celebrate a sporting ‘miracle’ after they both hit a hole-in-one on back-to-back shots on the same hole, beating odds of 17 million to 1.

Neither golfer had hit a hole-in-one in 15 years of playing together, and the feat left them and fellow golfers John and Roger in awe.

It was 69-year-old Jaswant Sidhu, who stepped up on the fifth hole of his normal Friday four-ball competition, who first achieved the feat on the 145-yard, par-three hole using a wood of 9.

His friend, 72-year-old Peter John, followed suit and the two couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Have [Sidhu] teed a nice shot and got a hole in one. We celebrated and it was absolutely phenomenal,” John said. “I stepped in and they kind of did the exact same thing. It’s so unique. This is our first hole in one for both of us. You don’t expect to hit a hole in one in your career.

Peter John and Jaswant Sidhu – SWNS

John and Sidhu play this way at Wergs Golf Club in Wolverhampton approximately every Friday, and they “scoured the numbers” to determine a general probability of the occurrence, only to find they had achieved a 1 in 17 million feat.

“On this particular hole, you can see the hole and you can see the ball rolling down the green into the hole,” he added. “It’s absolutely unheard of. Everyone wanted to talk about it.”

John explained that it was actually the toughest hole on the whole course and in the next competition he hit his ball on the same hole straight into the bunker.

“Most golfers don’t hit a hole-in-one in their entire lives,” he said. “We had never heard of it before. Everyone said we should buy lottery tickets.

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The two friends were shocked at what they had managed to accomplish with just one more report of what had happened before in Yorkshire.

“I knew I was going to hit it well, but I remember joking that I wanted to get to the green first to confirm it,” said Sidhu, a retired postmaster. “There was a couple of celebrations and once it died down Pete hit his shot and it was like an action replay.”

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“I said the ball also went in, I could see it go in. None of us knew what to say. I think we were all in shock.”

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