Immelman: Mixed Presidents Cup idea is 'disrespectful' in every way

Immelman: Mixed Presidents Cup idea is ‘disrespectful’ in every way

Ernie Els provided the plan and laid the foundation for the International Presidents Cup team.

Trevor Immelman has now added a few bricks.

“Eventually this house is going to be built,” Immelman recently said on the Claude Harmon III podcast. “Eventually, we’re going to win this thing.”

Yet before, during and after his team’s five-point loss to the Americans at Quail Hollow, Immelman could not escape criticism, from television analysts to Twitter followers, telling him that the biannual event, in which the United States holds an all-time 12-1-1 record, needs an overhaul.

Change the format.

Reduce the number of matches and points.

Add players.

“I must have listened to this shit for two years now,” Immelman explained. “People hit me up all the time on social media saying they need to blow this thing up…”

Immelman’s vein then opened.

“I find it disrespectful in every way, to be extremely honest with you,” Immelman added. “I find it disrespectful to us as international golfers who are professional athletes who compete at the highest level week in and week out. We’re not scrubs. Are we as strong as the Americans? It doesn’t really matter the air at the moment. Did they kick our asses in this event? They certainly did. But there were close calls, and so I find that disrespectful to us.

“I find it equally disrespectful to female golfers. And here’s why: I don’t think female golfers need men to make them and their competitions relevant. Their competitions are already relevant. I sit and watch every shot of the Solheim Cup. Every shot. It’s one of my favorite times of the year when this event happens. I watched the US Women’s Open. I watched the British Women’s Open a while ago. weeks when South African Ashleigh Buhai came on, nearly spat and won the playoffs at Muirfield, tying Ernie Els’ win at the Muirfield Open, tying Ernie Els’ win at the Muirfield Open. Women don’t need men to be relevant in sport. My family and I were glued to the TV when Serena Williams played her last match at the US Open. She is one of the greatest athletes to have never walked on the planet.

“So I find it disrespectful in every way when people come up with that opinion. I appreciate that maybe they’re trying to think outside the box, but they have to find something else.”

Immelman added that he would like to see the creation of a women-only Presidents Cup and has spoken about the idea several times with his CBS colleague, Dottie Pepper.

“The international team would probably dominate,” he said.

As for the men, Immelman is more than hopeful that the Presidents Cup will not be lopsided for a long time. He doesn’t have to look far for encouragement: USA were 18-3-1 in the Ryder Cup before the opposing team spread across Europe. But even then, Europe won just two of the next eight Cups before going 9-4 since.

“Let’s leave the Presidents Cup and the international team alone, for now,” he said. “And let us compete. And let the young people from Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, Canada and all over South America, let them grow up with this as an objective, to be able to compete at this level.

“Because we will eventually win this event, I promise you that.”


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